I grew up in the clutches of the suburban sprawl and have spent my life trying to evolve from its demand for conformity. Constraining ideas of how a woman should behave in our society have followed me through the endless sea of uniformity and the infrastructures of society. By rejecting the expectations of who I should be and how I should exist in this world, my work asks,  “how do I confront my existence if I can’t construct my own identity?”

My work is a self-reflective pursuit for meaning within the bounds of this existence and to orient myself in our historical moment. I create with a sense of urgency— through uncalculated movements led by boundless chaos and instinct. These energies take the form of explosive mark-making, and layers and layers of generated paper ephemera wheat-pasted across found or constructed surfaces. Nothing is too precious, but everything is honest. I can release the built-up tension instilled in me by the sprawl within the act of creation. There is power in stripping down to the most intimate of one's thoughts and yielding no shame in claiming them. That is the energy I seek to harness in my work.